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Welcome to Our Web Design studio in Sunny Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Florida


At Drogus & company, We provide Web Design and Development, E commerce, Flash web site design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Blogs, Email Campaign Blasts, Hosting, Social Media Networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Computer Networking, System Integration, Computer Programming and all types of Computer Consulting. In short, everything you need to market your firm on the INTERNET. With over forty years of computer experience, there is little that we have not been involved in.


Complete market-oriented web design plus visitors from search engines in ONE complete package


Instead of offering just web design, our web design studio combines web design, web development, flash web site design, marketing and sales know how, search engine expertise in both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, as well as ease of use into every website we build, so that you're not left to address important issues on your own. In addition, we offer complete programming services in PHP, PERL, .NET, SQL, Oracle, C++, AJAX, etc. As a Drogus & company client, you'll be brought up to speed quickly, and in plain English so that you can make informed choices, and also take away usable and highly viable marketing strategies (see "The Battle Plan" on our articles page) from our conversations. The end result is that you will have a website that will help increase your bottom line! Most importantly, we'll be there for you after your website goes live with the support you need to make your projects successful.


Deciding on which team of web designers to choose (What's that you say, the other guy doesn't have a team?) is one of the hardest choices you will ever have to make in life. We like to equate the choice of your new website designer to naming a new child. Your choice carries huge impact, whether it be on the life of that child or on the BOTTOM LINE of your business. You may choose to hire someone with a nice looking portfolio, but what depth and experience lies behind it? How many languages are they capable of programming in, and how much experience do they have in each of them? That forty years that we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago refers to our CEO's experience alone. If totaled up, our TEAM experience is well over one hundred years. We've been there... We've done that... and We do it everyday! We know how to drive traffic to your site, to build a robust e-commerce engine, report generation for vital statistics and information, virtual networks, downloading capabilities, social networking ( Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, etcetera), down to color choices (Did you know that certain color combinations subconsciously inspire trust and push the BUY button?) and most critically, how to get the search engine rankings necessary to acquire and maintain a successful web presence. Because let's face it, you can spend a lot of money building your terrific new website, but what good is it, if no one knows it's there.

In an effort to improve the knowledge of the community in general, we have undertaken to write a series of articles relevant to our fields of expertise. Written by our founder, We will cover topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Design, Web Development, Social Media networking, etc. Be sure to click on the Articles link on the right hand side of the page, and check back frequently to read the latest additions.

Now then we know what's going through your mind... "I can't possibly afford this". Think again! Read the rest of this page for an extremely pleasant surprise.

Are you tired of the same old ho hum, everyday work you get from most of our competition? We have award winning graphic design artists on staff who are involved in each and every project that we create. They will challenge your senses with the quality and breadth of their work. Take a look at our portfolio and you will see what we mean. However, we never sacrifice performance for artistic flair. Our engineering team will insure that your great looking site design loads faster, performs more efficiently, and ranks higher than your competition. Our primary goal is the unmitigated success of your web development project. You can count on us to get the job done right, delivered on time, and at or under budget. What are you waiting for? Contact us now and get started Today!


Our Studio in Fort Lauderdale is not our only location. We also have our brand new web development facilities in Miami, Florida and We have associates located across the country, and around the globe in order to better serve your needs and concerns.  All of our associates possess at least a Master's degree in computing. They stand ready, willing, and able to assist and guide you through the morass of  jargon and technology that is today's technology filled world.

Our biggest strength as a consulting firm, however, is our ability to LISTEN, and then turn the ideas generated from our conversations into business GROWTH reality through better strategy and search engine optimization. Allow our experts to create YOUR next masterpiece!


Our Recession Special or is it a Recovery Special?

Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist? At Drogus and company, We are sick and tired of hearing nothing but a bunch of complaints about the current business environment, and how terrible things are. We put our thinking caps on and came up with our own Stimulus Package. Unlike Congress however, there is no Pork in this offer. No matter what your leanings, Our Special is truly just that, a Real Bargain. For a Limited Time only, We are offering our version of a Bailout: a COMPLETE, Custom Designed Five Page website for only $598.00 with $299.00 down and $299.00 due upon completion. This is most definitely NOT a cookie cutter, two thousand more sites just like your design, type of offer. Once We have received your payment, you will be contacted by one of our talented designers, located here in our offices in the United States of America. Our design team will work with you, implementing some of the latest technologies, and original artwork to implement the creation of the website you have always wanted, but previously were unable to afford. Click on the link below to view all of the details and get started with some of the world wide web's finest web development engineers and web designers.

It's time to quit crying and start doing America!


Click Here for All of the Details


Remember: "Better Websites mean Bigger Profits"


Contact Us today and put our knowledge to work for YOU! 


Clients First

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Unlike some design firms, the client always comes first at our web design studio. We will be there with you, before, during, and after completion of your project to help insure your sites performance.
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